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European Summer Fashion Series

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Hello from across the pond!

I am currently settled in at the University of Roehampton in London, England, where I will be spending the next four weeks taking class before heading to Paris and Scotland to conclude my study abroad adventure. While I am here, I have the incredible opportunity to study Intro to the London Stage and Advanced Shakespeare while also rehearsing and performing the world premiere of Shakesfoolery at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

While this journey is a culmination of years of preparation (education, training, applying, etc.), there was also another essential aspect of planning to complete: what in the world was I going to wear?

In typical Kaylila fashion, à la Carrie Bradshaw, I may or may not have been imagining my European fashion ~lewks~ since I was a little girl. England stole my heart when I first watched The Parent Trap (as did Dennis Quaid) and I have been impatiently awaiting my arrival ever since. Similarly, I went through that oh-so-cliché Audrey Hepburn obsession in middle school which may or may not have resulted in my room becoming a shrine to Parisian fashion, architecture, and culture.

Since I received news of my study abroad application acceptance in May, I have been on hyper-alert searching for the perfect pieces to punctuate my European fashion lookbook. Over the past few months, I have undergone a continuous cycle of collecting items and clearing items in hopes of acquiring the perfect suitcase of clothes to accompany my adventures.

Confession: I am a chronic over-packer. Between the unpredictability of London weather, the lack of A/C across the continent, the geographical location of Scotland, and the variety of activities on my agenda, I quickly became overwhelmed by all of the things I may need to lug across the pond. However, after much Marie Kondo-ing, I was successful in packing a little wardrobe which feels practical, fashionable, and packed with personality.

As my trip continues, I will continue to upload outfits I wear in Europe as well as information about each product (to the best of my ability) and purchases that I make while shopping here.

Enjoy, and always remember: WWCBD (What Would Carrie Bradshaw Do?)



breezy outfit perfect for exploring downtown London on a warm, sunny day! hat: gift (thanks Stephanie!) // dress: TJ Maxx // bracelets: Alex & Ani not pictured // shoes: Dolce Vita // handbag: Louis Vuitton // earrings: Kendra Scott

top: She + Sky // earrings: Kendra Scott // necklace: I Just Have To Have It not pictured // jeans: American Eagle // belt: I Just Have To Have It // handbag: Louis Vuitton // shoes: Wild Diva

shawl: Francesca's // everything else: refer to previous photo

jumpsuit: naked zebra // earrings: Kendra Scott

dress: ZARA (UK) // earrings: I Just Have To Have It // scarf: The National Gallery (fun fact: I collect art scarves & this one is actually a print of Van Gogh's "Sunflower" painting, which I got to see in person 😍)

top: no idea tbh // bottoms: Madewell // bracelets: Alex + Ani

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